Monday, 20 May 2013

A crazy beginning……

So staring my own blog was probably something I should have done months, if not years ago. But most likely at least 9 month ago when I came to Tokyo. You know as they say, it is better to write everything down while it is still fresh in your mind, but to be honest all those first months have been a little bit of a blur, with the occasional awe-ness thrown in and filled with lots of embarrassing and frustrating moments. But as I came to find out along the way, they all form an important part of the cultural adaptation and learning process, aka finding out how to best fit in a country of crazy but wonderful people.
So, I will dedicate the beginning of this blog to all things Japanese, cultural adaptation and ‘fitting  in’ into a new world, but will also include tips about useful things I found through a constant process of trial and error, Tokyo fashion and make-up and much much more.  I will then  hopefully continue it even after my return to the UK with all things of interest , big and small ( a few with a Japanese twist to them ;) ) and what I think makes this world a beautiful place.
So….here it goes. My first tip for the eager traveller arriving to Tokyo, jetlagged and confused, determined to figure out this amazing city by themselves, but who soon realises that this should better start after a good sleep, is to try and find the closest taxi. In doing so and once the goal is achieved, do not, I repeat DO NOT, touch the taxi’s door handles! The Japanese in their awesomeness have created this ‘futuristic’ automatic car doors that open for you, just like ‘magic’ J. And touching them would only trigger a frowned looked from the driver that says, ‘Oh Gaijins, you’re all so provincial!’. Instead, do surprise them and show how knowledgeable you are by allowing them to open and close the door for you, with no hands, just like ‘magic’……
And on this note I will say good bye to you and thank you for reading my first entry. More to come in the next few days with other wonderfully crazy things that I have encountered here and tips that you would hopefully find useful .

Take care x 

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